Build the best international tax team

12 Apr 2021

We deliver our rigorous international tax qualification and annual certification package to employees of organisations around the world. Put ADIT at the centre of your training programme to build the capability and skills of your international tax team.  

ADIT is the leading credential to prepare your business and your employees to face the rapidly changing global tax environment. ADIT professionals are better equipped to deal with complex issues, reducing the risk to you and your clients. 

Gain a competitive advantage 

  • Build the best international tax teams to serve clients’ needs and deliver your strategy 
  • Increase the knowledge required to support client relationships that win and retain business 
  • Advance your organisation’s English business vocabulary, to speak the language of international tax 

Invest in people 

  • Develop your team’s expertise with an industry-driven, globally relevant qualification 
  • Rigorous but flexible, the qualification can be achieved while working full-time 
  • Committing to developing careers will help your staff feel valued and engaged 

Commit to professionalism 

  • Improve performances and professionalise your team with a world-class credential 
  • Reassure clients that their international tax affairs are in the hands of qualified staff 
  • Annual CPD requirements call for ADIT professionals to update themselves on ever-changing tax legislation 

Your employees will benefit from a cost-effective, industry driven and globally relevant certification that covers current issues in international tax. Designed to benefit those working for multinationals and with private clients, your employees will develop advanced knowledge which can be directly applied within their roles. 

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