Resources for employers

26 Apr 2021

To help you get the most from ADIT for your international tax employees, here are some useful links and resources.


The ADIT qualification has a modular structure, requiring students to successfully pass three modules covering different aspects of international tax. Our prospectus contains key information about how the qualification works, and how it can be tailored to international tax professionals' individual tax specialisms. 

Syllabus and past papers

Our syllabus contains a full list of topics which your colleagues will encounter in the course of their ADIT studies, for each module, and reading lists to help them prepare for their exams.

We also publish past exam papers, along with the suggested solutions and examples of successful candidates' scripts. 

Promoting ADIT

Do you have colleagues who you'd like to encourage to pursue the ADIT qualification? Feel free to download our ADIT presentation and brochure.

For bespoke ADIT promotional materials, or if you have any questions about how to incorporate ADIT into your firm's learning and development programme, email us today.