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We have a charitable objective to promote education in and the study of the administration and practice of taxation. 

One of our key aims is to achieve a better, more efficient tax system for everyone affected by it, whether it be taxpayers, advisers, or the authorities. However, we also offer a variety of roles not centred on tax. If you feel you can contribute to our success and are interested in developing your skills and embracing new challenges. 

Our current vacancies: 

Director of Education

We support, develop and encourage our people to ensure everyone gets the most out of their job and works as effectively as possible.  Please take a look at our Vision and Values here

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a range of benefits designed to attract and support our employees.

We look forward to receiving your application. 

What our employees say about us

Recent staff feedback shows that staff think that we're supportive, inclusive, and professional as a working environment.

"I really enjoy working at the CIOT and ATT because I am valued and my work is valued. There is always someone who is willing to help or talk through a challenge or difficulty. We are a demonstrably diligent and caring organisation and we really do care about our members and students and I see that in our work all the time." - Emma Barklamb

"I would say that the CIOT/ATT has offered me so much over the past seven years. There is a real family feel to the organization, with a valuable focus on our wellbeing, personal and professional development. I work with wonderful colleagues who challenge me to become better every day”. I look forward to my continued growth within the membership department." - Constantine Papademetriou

“I joined the Professional Standards department here just over a year ago, and I really enjoy working in both our team and for the CIOT/ATT organisations as a whole. We are a small and friendly team (5-6 people). We each have our different responsibilities but they often require working collaboratively - so everyone in the team is important. There is always something new to learn, and the wide variety of tasks we do keeps thing interesting. The whole team works remotely but daily communication is key, and we look forward to meeting up (usually once every month or so) in head office for a specific project, meeting or training event, (and take advantage of the opportunity for a bit of social time together after work on those days). Jane Mellor (head of Professional Standards) runs the team and always makes herself available to us whenever needed - we definitely support each other to ‘share the load’ at busy times in the year. For me [after being in commercial practice for much of my career] working for the CIOT and ATT has been a welcome breath of fresh air. Our organisations are focused on supporting our members, as well as on education and serving the wider public interest at large on tax matters. In our case that involves helping members deal with professional standard issues and questions that come up whilst running their business or working in tax, as well as helping them to meet important legal requirements. Upholding standards is an important role in maintaining the strong reputation of the ATT and CTA qualifications. As a staff member I value the working environment created here. I feel appreciated for the work that I do and that my input is important. Lots of places talk about diversity, inclusiveness and putting wellbeing on the agenda these days but here I find it’s authentic. I have certainly enjoyed the two extra ‘gift’ days off over Christmas given to staff for the last two years running (not as a standard to be expected but well received), the deliveries of delicious treats to my home during ‘remote’ social events, as well as the financial rewards including significant employer pension contributions and extra health benefit packages. Personally, I am glad to be here – it’s a great place to work." - Helen Ballantine

“I enjoy working at CIOT as it has a family friendly culture that allows for flexible working and understands when people need time off.  It also has friendly approachable staff that will help you when you need it”

“Good, collegiate environment”

“The CIOT was a great place to work. I was able to build my skills as a developer in a number of projects. The CIOT had a wonderful team and atmosphere and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“Good place to learn”100% of attendees on the wellbeing day said it helped with their wellbeing.

In our employee opinion survey - 100% of employees thought that managers were supportive and helpful. Here are some comments from our anonymous survey. 

I would still like to be working at CIOT/ATT in two years time as I feel that I will learn a lot of new skills here and find my role very interesting.

CIOT, so far, has been the best organisation I've worked in. I feel like my opinions and decisions matter, and frequent communication between staff within our department aids in this. I also believe there is room to grow within the role, and I have a lot of ideas (some already approved) for improvements and positive change in how we do things. My line manager and director are very encouraging, as are all staff within the department. This is huge. It makes all the difference in wanting to work to one's best ability. My job at CIOT is incredibly important to me, and I don't wake up in the morning dreading the day. I would like to progress within my role and eventually take on more creative responsibilities.

CIOT/ATT is a great place to work. The work levels are right for the time available, and while there's an occasional period of stress/deadlines to meet, I don't feel overwhelmed. I enjoy working for a charity, and I don't envisage moving any time soon.

It is a fun place to work where I feel valued for my contribution to the organisation.

I love being a part of an organisation that truly cares about people and makes a difference to many. I would certainly love to still be working for CIOT/ATT in 2 years time.

I work with good people - personally and professionally!  CIOT/ATT leadership gives the strong impression they value and care about the organisation's employees and want them to be happy and successful. My work/life balance gives me space to think about my own personal and professional development. I still see lots of opportunity to grow within my team and in other parts of the organisation.

I really enjoy my job, and despite perhaps more challenges in the last two years, the positive still outweighs the negatives.