Qualification fees

15 Dec 2021

When you decide to register as an ADIT student, there are some fees you will need to pay.

Student fees

Student registration:


This is a one-time fee which will cover your registration for a five-year registration period

Exam entry:


This is payable each time you enter for an exam

Employers will sometimes pay ADIT fees on your behalf, so we suggest you clarify this with your organisation before registering if you are unsure.

Fees are reviewed and may be updated annually. 

Incidental fees 

These fees aren’t relevant to all ADIT students, but are something to be aware of: 

Extended essay:


The extended essay fee is paid when the proposal is approved

Late exam entry fee:


This is an extra fee applied to entries received during the late period

Re-registration fee:


You only need to pay this fee if you do not complete the qualification within five years, but wish to continue your studies


All students will receive a full qualification certificate on completion, at no extra cost. However, if you’re planning to apply for a certificate to demonstrate your achievement of specific modules, you will need to pay the following fees: 

  • Standalone certificate: £55
  • Modular certificate: £55

Certificate fees include courier delivery to your nominated address, anywhere in the world. Find out more about ADIT certificates

Courses and study materials 

Registration and exam entry fees do not include any costs related to courses or study materials. Queries about tuition fees should be directed to your course provider.

Cooling off period

If your situation changes, you may cancel your ADIT registration within one month of the date you submitted your application. You will be refunded via your payment method, minus a £15 administration fee. To cancel your registration, you must inform us in writing.

View our exam withdrawal policy for more information about cancelling an exam entry and claiming a refund.