Study options

16 Apr 2021

To ensure you’re able to develop the working knowledge of international tax principles you need to succeed in your career, you can tailor your studies to suit your needs. 

Professionals studying together

Study in a way and at a pace that suits you 

There are study options to suit everyone, from classroom learning to self-study. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a method and providers that work for you. 

  • Online courses
    Digital materials and support from a course provider which may also include access to virtual classrooms and an online platform but has no location requirements
  • Classroom courses 
    Location-specific tuition provided by other professional bodies, commercial course providers and academic institutions to support your studies
  • In-house training 
    The course provider comes to your organisation, or your employer provides training tailored to ADIT 
  • Self-study 
    Use our detailed syllabus and recommended reading lists as a guide to prepare for the exams 

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Choose the subjects you want to learn 

There are 17 option modules in addition to the mandatory Principles of International Taxation module. Choose the two international tax subjects that most appeal to you, and work towards your professional goals. 

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