Become an ADIT international tax course provider

20 Apr 2021

High-quality ADIT course providers are fundamental to the success of our students. The provision of comprehensive and reliable tuition wherever students are based, and of online courses and distance learning options accessible to students globally, is a key factor in ADIT’s success. 

If you’re interested in offering ADIT courses, or if you already deliver international tax courses relevant to our students, you may be able to join our course provider listing.

Find out more about becoming an ADIT course provider, the benefits, expectations and how to apply.


  • Help students find you
    With a listing on the ADIT course provider directory, your details will be available to students who are looking for courses like yours.
  • Grow your course
    By increasing the global availability of courses, ADIT can continue to grow around the world. This means more students looking for effective and innovative ways to prepare for the exams.

Our expectations

  • Course content
    Courses may be based specifically upon the ADIT syllabus or may simply cover some of the same issues and subjects. While the ADIT syllabus is free for you to download, use and refer to in your courses, we expect you to adhere to all applicable copyright terms in the use of third-party content, including textbooks and online resources.
  • Student accessibility
    To help our students find your course, you should be specific about what type of courses you offer, which modules are taught, and where the courses are delivered. You should provide transparent information about costs and payment options.
  • Up-to-date information
    It’s your responsibility to review and refresh the details we publish online. We can only publish what you give us, so it’s in your interest to review the details annually.
  • Student support
    While we do not supervise courses, we expect you to provide a high standard of tuition and support for students, and to manage any issues or complaints appropriately. Serious complaints about course provider conduct will likely result in removal from the course provider directory.
  • Our student relationship agreement
    All students are responsible for registering and entering for exams directly with us. You are not able to offer these services as part of your fee package, as part of the independence we maintain from course providers.
  • Data protection
    We don’t share any personal information on our students with course providers, and we won’t discuss any aspects of their records with you. It’s their responsibility to get in touch with us if there are any issues that we should be aware of.
  • Brand guidelines
    If you become an ADIT course provider, you will be required to comply with our guidelines when you’re promoting the courses, and using our logo and materials.

How to apply

If you are interested in offering ADIT courses, or you already deliver courses you think may be relevant to ADIT students, please email us

To provide details of the ADIT-relevant courses that you offer, please complete and submit this form.

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