International tax careers

16 Apr 2021

International tax professionals work in a wide variety of roles, including lawyers, fiscal authority inspectors, advisers and in-house professionals. The skills and attributes needed to succeed in those different roles may differ, but you will need the working knowledge of international tax principles you can gain through ADIT. 

International tax adviser

What can you expect from your career? 

  • Interesting and rewarding
    You will work on intellectually engaging projects with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 
  • Challenging and fast-paced
    You will be faced with tough questions that demand clever solutions, requiring up-to-date knowledge to meet your clients’ needs.  
  • Limitless opportunity
    The global tax environment continues to grow and evolve with new topics always emerging. 

How can ADIT help you? 

ADIT offers you much more than advancing knowledge and technical expertise, it’s designed to help you build the career you’re truly passionate about. You will develop the confidence you need to advise clients, lead teams and influence the profession. 

  • Grow your knowledge
    Through a series of professionally focused exams, you will develop the skills necessary to apply tax law to complex scenarios to solve problems, and demonstrate your ability to give practical advice to clients. You will grow as a professional, ready to take the next steps in your career. 
  • Build your professional identity
    By becoming an International Tax Affiliate after you’ve qualified, you are demonstrating your commitment to upholding the highest professional standards, highlighting your technical expertise and dedication to your career. 
  • Develop your career
    Affiliates and students will receive tailored access to ADIT relevant roles and international tax job opportunities around the world, developed in partnership with ACCA.