Develop your tax team

12 Apr 2021

Together we help develop your tax team through inductions, qualifications and expert advice.

We work with a number of tax, accountancy and law firms, both nationally and internationally to help build the competence, confidence and skills of tax and accounting teams.

Are you thinking of sponsoring an employee for the CTA qualification? Register your interest today and find out more.  

We offer all employers:

  • Annual one to one meetings to discuss the needs of tax and accountancy teams (to arrange a call contact
  • Regular newsletters called Employer Focus
  • Volunteering opportunities across both the Institute and Association
  • Personal branding initiatives to help showcase your talent across our publication and social channels.

How will your team benefit?

  • An agile team with expert tax knowledge of current legislation
  • A strong, high performing tax team ready to move your business forward
  • A professional, accredited and confident team

Our clients

We work with a diverse range of clients, from big four to sole practitioners to optimise and support their tax and accountancy teams.

We are committed to maintaining and improving our qualification and services we provide to all our clients. Our success depends on developing strong relationships with existing and future clients, which is why regularly ask our clients for feedback.

To sponsor an employee for the CTA qualification, register here.

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