Employer Webinar Series 2024


The CIOT and ATT are pleased to kick start its Employer Webinar Series which starts on 29 February 2024. Reserve your place now. 

As an employer of tax trainees you will hear from like-minded employers, our tuition partners, members and students in sharing knowledge and best practice in progressing and developing your tax talent.

Our aim is to support employers of ATT and CIOT trainees, and help facilitate an effective, engaged network of like-minded employer organisations who are focused on developing ATT and CTA trainees. The Employer Webinar Series will:

  • Provide knowledge and expertise in supporting tax trainees
  • Highlight challenges and responses in supporting tax trainees
  • Share experiences and examples of good practice in training and development
  • Connect you with new and existing employers of ATT and CIOT students.

Register below to attend the first of three webinars. We look forward to hearing from you. 

21 March 2024

Support your tax talent: learning & development strategies for success

Employer support through tax trainees studies is key. Hear about the support employers offer to trainees in their learning and assessment experience.

16 April 2024

Tax talent spotlight: career progression from practice to large corporates.

Retain the tax talent you invest in. Hear from organisations who value, develop and support tax careers beyond ATT and CTA training.