How to use Exam4

27 Apr 2021

Exam4 is designed with simplicity in mind, with a proven track record for reliability and student satisfaction. On this page you will find a wealth of guidance to support you as you prepare for your exam day.

You will first need to download and install Exam4 via the link in your Exam4 download instructions email. If you are sitting exams in June 2021, you will receive this email on Thursday 13 May.

  • Important update for macOS users
    Following the recent release of the latest apple macOS update (Big Sur 11.4), the previous version of Exam4 may no longer work on your device. If you use a device with macOS, please download and install the updated version of Exam4 which was emailed to candidates on Thursday 3 June. Windows users are not affected by this update.

Your download link will be specific to you, so must not be shared with other students. It is only valid for the June 2021 ADIT exam session, and you will need to download this version even if you have previously sat ADIT or any other exams using Exam4.

The following step-by-step guides take you through the process of downloading and installing Exam4, starting your exam in Exam4, and submitting your answers at the end of the exam:

Exam4 guidance videos

These videos show how you can sit your online ADIT exam in Exam4.