Transfer ATT Student Registration to CIOT

23 Apr 2021

If you are registered onto the ATT qualification, you may apply to transfer the unexpired period of your first three years’ registration to the CIOT, without charge. For example, if you registered as an ATT student in July 2020, your CIOT student registration would be valid until July 2023.

Before you get started...

What you need to know

  • Time remaining: If you have time remaining but it does not cover the exam dates of the forthcoming exam session you will have to register as a new student. You can check your student expiry date by logging into your account and clicking on the My Membership link on your Dashboard
  • Entered exam and/or awaiting result: If you have entered for an ATT exam or awaiting a result from the previous session, you cannot transfer until after results are released for that session
  • Not ATT qualified: If you have not completed all the exams with the ATT (e.g. the CBEs) and wish to proceed to transfer to the CIOT, your ATT registration will be expired and you will not be able to become ATT qualified (even if you then pass the CBEs under the CTA qualification*). If you wish to become ATT qualified first, please complete your remaining exams with the ATT and then apply to transfer to the CIOT

    *However, because of COVID-19, if you have passed all your ATT exams except for one or more CBEs, and would like to become ATT qualified upon completing those outstanding CBEs with the CIOT, please continue with the transfer application and then email us at to let us know
  • Registration validity period: Your CIOT student registration period is valid for three years from when you first became an ATT student e.g. if you first became an ATT student in July 2020, your CIOT student registration will be valid until July 2023. You can view your student registration expiry date under My Membership in the Portal. When you are six months away from expiring there will be a Re-Register link under your profile in the Portal, should you not have completed the qualification before that time
  • Deadline: When you transfer you do not have to wait four months to sit an exam, as per the requirements upon new registration. You must apply to transfer before the deadline for entry to the exam session you want to sit, which is the last day of the preceding August for the November exams and the last day of the preceding February for the May exams
  • CBEs: Any passes in the CBEs will automatically be transferred on completion of your transfer/registration, without charge. They will be valid for nine sittings from when you passed them with the ATT

Transfer (time remaining)

If you have time remaining to transfer, log into your account and click on the Transfer link on your Dashboard.

Register as a new CIOT student (no time remaining)

If you do not have time remaining to transfer, log into your account and register as a new CTA student by clicking on the Education link in the top menu of your Dashboard.