CTA Qualification – Direct Route

We offer the highest level tax qualification in the UK, the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification and you will find all the information you require within this section of this website. 

Most typical CTA students complete the modular seven exams in two to three years. One important point to note is regardless of how quickly students may complete the exams, the CTA qualification is not awarded until they have three years of relevant professional experience, and have applied to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. 

For further information you can download our Prospectus and Syllabus

The careers section will give you an idea of where the CTA can take you. Gaining the CTA sets you on the right path to a fulfilling career in taxation.


One Awareness exam 

3 hours and 15 minutes in length. 

Choose three modules (must not be the same subject as the corresponding Advanced Technical exams): 

A: VAT including Stamp Taxes 
B: Inheritance Tax, Trusts & Estates 
C: Corporation Tax 
D: Taxation of Individuals 
E: Taxation of Unincorporated Businesses

Three Computer Based Exams (CBEs)

1 hour in length. 

  • Principles of Accounting 
  • Law 
  • Professional Responsibilities & Ethics 

Two Advanced Technical exams

3 hours and 30 minutes in length. 

Choose two (must not be the same subject as the corresponding modules in the Awareness exam): 

  • Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses 
  • Domestic Indirect Taxation 
  • Inheritance Tax, Trusts & Estates 
  • Human Capital Taxes 
  • Taxation of Individuals 
  • Cross-Border Indirect Taxation 
  • Taxation of Larger Companies & Groups

One Application and Professional Skills exam

3 hours and 30 minutes in length. 

Choose one: 

  1. Taxation of Individuals 
  2. Taxation of Larger Companies & Groups 
  3. Owner-Managed Businesses  
  4. Human Capital Taxes 
  5. VAT and Other Indirect Taxes  
  6. Inheritance Tax, Trusts & Estates 

If you have any further queries please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 


New Student Registration

  • CTA: £241 and is valid for three years.
  • Tax Pathway: £350 and is valid for five years.
  • ACA CTA / CA CTA Joint Programme: £241 and is valid for four years.

Use your email address to register as a new student.

The registration fee is non-refundable* (unless the application is unsuccessful) and is payable in addition to entry fees for the examinations. (*Please note if your situation changes significantly within a month of the date you made your application for student registration and you no longer wish to proceed (provided you have not registered for any examinations) then a refund can be made, less a small administration charge.)

Student Re-Registration

  • CTA: £187 and is valid for a further three years.
  • Tax Pathway: £350 and is valid for a further five years.
  • ACA CTA / CA CTA Joint Programme: £225 and is valid for a further four years.

View further details on the re-registration page