Upcoming webinars

11 Jan 2022

Here you can find news on the latest ADIT International Tax Webinars and ADIT Network Webinars.

Our next webinar is:

ADIT Ireland Network: Current tax issues in cross-border working

with Catriona Loughran and Sean Walsh

Date: Thursday 27 January
Time: 12.30 GMT
Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

Our speakers will offer their perspectives on how the environment for workers on either side of the Ireland-UK border has changed in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic context.

Catriona and Sean will focus on the current situation in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic respectively, assessing the challenges faced by employers and workers and how firms can plan for the specific risks associated with cross-border employment.

Topics will include:

  • The changing mobility landscape
  • The spectre of 'dual withholding' - how it arises and how it can be managed from an Irish PAYE perspective
  • Social security and broader employment-related considerations
  • Evaluating and managing the tax risks of cross-border workers
  • Corporate tax and permanent establishment issues
  • And more

You can also submit questions for a live Q&A!

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