Special consideration

20 Apr 2021

We recognise that some candidates may sit ADIT exams in difficult circumstances, due to a range of events outside of their control. Special consideration is our process for reviewing how the circumstances may have affected exam performance.

Who can apply? 

If you believe your exam performance in an exam was affected by serious circumstances, outside of your control, you may be eligible to apply for special consideration. 

Typically, special consideration falls under two categories: 

  1. Serious personal circumstances 
    Serious personal circumstances might include illness or close bereavement during or immediately preceding the exam period, or if you experienced a particular problem on the day of your exam which was specific to you. 
  2. Issues arising within the exam environment 
    While issues with Exam4 are uncommon, sometimes issues may occur which you have no control over such as localised power cuts, faults with your internet connection, or other serious technical problems. You should contact us about any issues you encounter during the exam, as many problems can be solved quickly.

    If you believe the issue had a clear and substantial impact on your exam performance, you may apply for special consideration.

How do you apply? 

If you decide to continue with your exam, even though you believe that your performance will be affected, you must notify us within two weeks after sitting the exam. 

To make the application you will need to submit the following: 

  • A written report of the circumstances 
  • Formal evidence confirming the circumstances 
  • Evidence should be in English. If this isn’t possible, you will also need to submit a translated, notarised copy 
  • Examples of evidence include a detailed medical letter, death certificate or other formal evidence supporting your request 
  • We can’t accept prescriptions x-rays or photographs, phone calls or other informal correspondence 

Your application should be submitted by email, to the Education Team.

Applications submitted more than two weeks after the exam will not be considered. 

What happens next? 

Applications will be considered by the relevant committee, who may consult others as they see fit. 

The decision to award additional marks, or take any other necessary action, lies solely at the discretion of the relevant committee. 

An awareness of your circumstances will not necessarily result in additional marks being awarded. 

If you are awarded additional marks, this will not be detailed in your result notification email or any subsequent transcripts. 

What other options are there? 

Before the exams, if you believe your performance will be seriously affected by your particular personal circumstances, you should consider the following: 

  • Depending on your circumstances, it may be better to delay your exam until a time when you are able to give your study the time and focus it needs. Find out more about exam withdrawal.  
  • If you are able to do so, speak with your course tutor or employer, who may be able to offer additional support or guidance, and help you decide what your next step should be.