Post-result services

20 Apr 2021

All ADIT exam results are checked thoroughly, and the CIOT does not enter into correspondence regarding exam results.

However, ADIT candidates may apply for two post-result services: a mark breakdown and a recheck of marks.

Mark breakdown 

You may apply for a breakdown of the marks you received by question.

The fee for this is £15 and there is no time restriction as to when you can apply for this.

Recheck of marks

You may request a procedural review of your marks. This is not a re-mark but a check of the administrative processes involved in arriving at a result.

You must apply in writing for a recheck within 21 business days of the date on which the results were published. The fee for this service is £35 per exam, which is refundable if there is a material change to your result for that exam.

Under no circumstances will the CIOT enter into discussion, correspondence or provide a commentary on your performance or outcome of the recheck in any exam which has been rechecked. 

All exam scripts remain the property of the CIOT, and we cannot return them or provide copies. 

How to apply

You can complete an application online.

You will need to arrange payment of the fee via bank transfer; our bank details can be found on the online application form.

Applications usually take approximately 10 business days to process, and you will be notified of the outcome by email.