Pass Lists

16 Mar 2021

Download PDF documents from the latest exam session as well as the last three years:

  • Lists of candidates who have completed the exam requirements for CIOT membership for each exam session 
  • Pass lists for individual papers for each exam session 
  • Relevant statistical information for each exam session 

Your Exam Dashboard in the Portal 

This may be unavailable up to two weeks before your results are released. 

When will I receive my results? 

You will receive your results by email (per exam paper sat) by midday on results day.

CBE Results

CBE passes achieved after 31 December will be visible on your Exam Dashboard when the November exam results are published (usually the third week of January). CBE passes achieved after 30 June will be visible on your dashboard when the May exam results are published (usually the third week of July).

Transitional arrangements: All three CBEs must usually be passed (or exemptions applied for as appropriate) before you can enter for your final tax examination (ie passed by the end of February for the May exams or the end of August for the November exams). However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic this rule was suspended for the November 2020 and May 2021 sessions. If you have completed your last CBE(s) to make you eligible for membership after 1 January (for the November session) or 1 July (for the May session), you will be notified the day after results are released of your successful completion of the qualification. You will also be included on the next pass list.

If I pass, how can I apply for CIOT membership? 

If you have completed all the required exams, you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply for CIOT membership.