May (sat in June/July) 2020

19 Apr 2021

The Prizes and Results Information document and the Pass List of those who have now passed the exam requirements for membership are available as attachments below in Acrobat (.pdf) format. Also below are lists for each individual paper of those who have achieved passes in the May 2020 (sat in June/July) sitting. These lists do not reflect paper prizes or distinctions which are shown on the Prizes and Results Information document.

If you have been successful in the exam you will receive information about how you can become a member with your results. We look forward to welcoming you into membership of the Institute.

ATT exam results can be found on the ATT website


CTA Prizes and Results Information May 2020

CTA Pass List May 2020

CTA Pass List - ACA CTA Joint Programme May 2020

CTA Pass overall having completed a CBE as the final element May 2020

CTA Application and Professional Skills Pass List May 2020