Is a career in tax right for me?

22 Apr 2021

Will I like working in tax? Ask yourself… 

Are you: 

  • Detail oriented?   
  • Is everything in your life organised?   
  • Are you methodical?   
  • Do you enjoy order and process?   
  • Are you a good record keeper? 

Or are you: 

  • Creative and strategic?   
  • Do you like to find new ways to do things?   
  • Do you enjoy games like chess? 
  • Do you enjoy story problems in school?   
  • Do you enjoy creating and executing strategy and achieving success? 

Or are you: 

  • Team builder?   
  • Do you help others to achieve things together?   
  • Do you enjoy coordinating and leading?   
  • Do you interact well with all types of people? 

If you answer YES to any or all of these questions, then a career in tax could be for you. 

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