Improving Tax Policy

Improving Tax Policy

22 Apr 2021

We work for a better, more efficient tax system for all affected by it – taxpayers, their advisers and the tax authorities.        

Our objectives for the tax system include: 

  • Greater simplicity and clarity, so people can understand how much tax they should be paying and why 
  • Greater certainty, so business and individuals can plan ahead with confidence 
  • A legislative process which translates policy intentions into statute accurately and effectively, without unintended consequences 
  • A fair balance between the powers of tax collectors and the rights of taxpayers (both represented and unrepresented) 
  • Responsive and competent tax administration, with a minimum of bureaucracy 

We pursue these objectives in a variety of ways; by explaining to tax policy makers and other stakeholders our views and analysis (either in writing or during meetings), providing commentary on significant changes the tax system, and guidance for members on procedural matters. We have adopted some ‘rules of engagement, to ensure that our work reflects our charitable objectives.  

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Our work relies on the support and input of volunteers who sit on our Technical Committees and are always keen to hear from potential new volunteers.