HMRC Statement of Asset Forms

16 Apr 2021

HMRC have provided us with copies of three updated forms which they expect to start using in early May.

  1. Statement of personal assets – liabilities and business interests
  2. Certificate of all financial accounts held (which updates the previous ‘Certificate of bank accounts operated’ form)
  3. Certificate of all financial cards held (which updates the previous ‘Certificate of credit and debit cards operated’ form)

HMRC have told us that these forms have been modernised to include reference to various additional areas, for instance electronic money and wallet accounts, internet and money handling accounts and crypto assets. The intention was also to improve the layout and wording to make it easier for HMRC, customers and agents to use the forms.

HMRC have advised us that where agents may be working cases where old forms have been issued by HMRC (including Code of Practice 9 (COP 9) cases), these older forms should still be accepted by HMRC in those particular cases. In cases where agents have been issued old forms but would prefer to use the newer forms that should also be acceptable and contact with the HMRC officer dealing with the case can be made to facilitate this. In any new cases (including COP 9), the new forms should be issued, and these will be expected to be completed.