Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

27 Apr 2021

We are committed to ensuring that our members, students, volunteers and staff feel welcomed, valued and supported.

In October 2020, with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT), we established a Joint Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, which replaced our EDI Working Group.  The committee assists us in ensuring we have clear EDI values that can be demonstrated through our behaviours, actions and operations. You can read more about this in the July, August and September 2020 issues of Tax Adviser, which are accessible here.  The committee meets quarterly and reports progress to both governing Councils.

Both the CIOT and ATT are striving to be more visible in our EDI actions to support members, students, volunteers and staff with the aim of encouraging and championing a more inclusive profession and workforce.

For the CIOT, that visibility manifests itself in many ways, including:

  1. Improving the diversity of thought and experience on our speaker panels, events and in our communications and publications
  2. Introducing a new Nominations process for CTAs to apply and join the CIOT’s Council from 2021
  3. Reviewing the process through which volunteers can engage with the us on our technical committees and other areas of work, championing equality of opportunity
  4. Introducing opportunities for new members to reach their potential, such as our new speaker programme
  5. Actively listening to feedback about the accessibility of our services and embracing change, such as widening public access to our knowledge and members

We are working with the ATT to develop, promote and embed a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.  This programme of work will benefit the CIOT in the following ways:

  • Growing and celebrating a diverse membership and volunteer community that reflects society
  • Increasing our influence with key stakeholders such as the public and government
  • Improving brand awareness of the CIOT and CTA community
  • Delivering diversity of thought and experience through our national and regional events programme as well as our decision-making and leadership functions

It will also benefit CIOT members, students, volunteers, staff and the public in the following ways:

  • Representing a community of CTAs who reflect society, supported by a reputable, inclusive professional body
  • Ensuring the continued and future relevance of the tax profession to industry and consumers
  • Changing the perception of tax by offering a qualification of choice that attracts and retains the best talent from all backgrounds

At the heart of the CIOT and the ATT we believe we are open and welcome to all, at head office, at our branches and through our volunteers, and as a profession to our students and our members. We do not claim to be perfect and if you think we have missed something, or you think we could do differently or better, please let us know using the contact form here.

EDI Committee members

Jeremy Coker (ATT President)
Jim Robertson
Joshua Tharby
Nichola Ross-Martin (CIOT Council)
Reshma Johar (Vice Chair)
Steven Pinhey
Suzanne Willis
Sylvia Hulse
Tasneem Kadiri
Tina Riches (Chair)

Keith Gordon (virtual member)
Nik Mehta (CIOT Council – virtual member)

Nisha Patel (virtual member)
Nitin Rabheru (virtual member)
Penelope Tuck (CIOT Council – virtual member)
Ray McCann (CIOT Council -  virtual member)
Tracy Easman (ATT Council – virtual member)
Yvette Nunn (virtual Member)

Staff members

Annette Hutchinson (Head of HR & Facilities)

Helen Whiteman (CIOT CEO)

Jane Ashton (ATT CEO)

Victoria Todd (Head of LITRG)