Tolley Exam Training Discounts

28 Apr 2021

CTA students can benefit from the following discounts on the following tax legislation and ADIT learning products.

Discount on legislation

In addition to the course materials, students typically purchase the tax legislation. As a CTA or ADIT student, you are eligible for a 50% discount when purchasing Tolley legislation through the following link.

Legislation Discount

Discount on ADIT learning

Tolley Exam Training would like to offer a 10% discount on Tolley Exam Training ADIT products for CIOT members and CTA students. 

How does the discount work?

If you are a CIOT member or CTA student, you can obtain the discount via the following steps:

  1. Email Tolley Exam Training at, providing proof of your CIOT membership or CTA student registration (for a list of accepted forms of proof, see below).
  2. Tolley Exam Training will provide you with a discount code.
  3. Complete the online booking form, entering the discount code on the right hand side of the form.

What does the discount apply to?

The discount applies to any Tolley Exam Training ADIT Online Live Tuition or ADIT distance learning product. 

The discount does not apply to LexisNexis Yellow and Orange legislation (a separate discount is available on legislation; see above for details).

What forms of proof are accepted?

In order to take up the discount, you will need to provide proof of your CIOT membership or CTA student registration number. The intention is for this not to be an onerous requirement.

For CIOT members, the following forms of proof are accepted:

  • a copy of your membership card;
  • a copy of the original communication from the CIOT granting membership; 
  • a copy of any subscription renewal/reminder communication; 
  • a copy of a CIOT membership subscription receipt;
  • a copy of your annual return/annual return reminder communication; or
  • a copy of your annual CPD return/reminder communication.

For CTA students, the following forms of proof are accepted:

  • a copy of your CTA student card; or
  • a copy of your student registration confirmation email.

There is no need for any originals to be supplied. Copies are satisfactory and can be in the form of photos, screenshots or scans.