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Freeport doubts despite NICs Bill passing second reading unopposed

June 17, 2021
The National Insurance Contributions Bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday 14 June. The opposition parties broadly welcomed the measures in the Bill, but some MPs are concerned about how freeports will operate. The Bill passed unopposed and will go to a Public Bill Committee for consideration on Tuesday 22 June.
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Peers protest over powers as Finance Bill clears Parliament

June 10, 2021
The Finance Bill passed through the House of Lords on Tuesday 8 June, with peers raising questions over the extent of HMRC powers, the income tax threshold freeze, the new penalties regime and the use of umbrella companies.
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The Scottish elections: what now for tax?

May 31, 2021
Joanne Walker, technical officer for CIOT and LITRG, and Justine Riccomini, head of taxation with ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland), take a look at the implications of the recent Scottish Parliament election for the devolved taxes. This article first appeared in the 21 May 2021 edition of Tax Journal and is reproduced here with their permission.
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Finance Bill 2021 Report Stage - Government pressed over global minimum tax rate and umbrella companies

May 26, 2021
Eligibility for the super-deduction, the impact of freeports and the level of the SDLT non-resident surcharge were also among the issues raised by MPs as the Finance Bill gained its third reading on 24 May and cleared the House of Commons.
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Finance Bill 2021 – committee stage round-up

May 25, 2021
Finance Bill 2021 (also known as Finance (No.2) Bill as it was the second Finance Bill to be introduced in the 2019-21 session of Parliament) concluded its House of Commons committee stage on 27 April after 14 and a half hours of debate – nine of them on the floor of the House of Commons and the remainder upstairs in a public bill committee. This was in addition to five hours of debate at second reading.
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Queen’s Speech Debate – levelling-up backed, but with caveats

May 21, 2021
MPs this week concluded six days of debate by backing a motion offering ‘humble thanks to Your Majesty for the Gracious Speech’, by extension approving the government’s programme for this session of Parliament.
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A new property tax is needed - property valuation should not be a barrier

May 13, 2021
In a guest article for our website, Andrew Dixon, Founder, Fairer Share, shares his thoughts on how to reform property taxation to 'level up' the UK.
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What do the Scottish elections mean for tax?

May 11, 2021
Last week’s Scottish Parliament election saw the SNP elected for a fourth successive term in government. But what might the results mean for Scottish taxation over the next five years?
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Top officials say they are trying to get a grip on fraud

May 7, 2021
Senior officials from across a number of government departments were brought together by the Public Accounts Committee to discuss fraud and error across government, something this committee has looked at repeatedly, last week (29 April). Fraud and error in relation to government is estimated to amount to between £29 billion and £52 billion annually.
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2021 CTA Address – carbon taxes are an equitable route out of the climate crisis, but fraught with political challenges

May 7, 2021
This year’s Chartered Tax Advisers’ (CTA) Address focused on the subject of environmental taxation and the role that tax and other carbon pricing mechanisms can play in helping the United Kingdom and other countries to achieve their net zero carbon ambitions.
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