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Lib Dem conference 2021: G7 tax deal needs strengthening, small business needs support

September 24, 2021
The online-only Liberal Democrat conference saw party members back tougher rules on a global minimum rate of corporation tax, extension of coronavirus economic support measures and investigation of a windfall tax on pandemic super-profits. The party has backed a stronger emissions trading scheme in preference to a carbon tax, and members are debating how to fund a Universal Basic Income.
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‘Myriad knock-on consequences from increase in the UK’s corporation tax rate’

September 23, 2021
In this guest blog, Martin Walker, of ADE Tax, analyses the corporation tax rise to 25 per cent. In particular, he queries whether it will raise more money for the Exchequer, and sets out some of the likely practical implications of the increase for the UK’s tax environment over the coming years. Arguably, the impact of those changes may be to exacerbate existing distortions in the UK’s tax code and put strain on the relationship between taxpayers and HMRC.
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SNP’s renews independence push as economic challenges rise to the fore

September 20, 2021
With the annual party conference season upon us, the SNP hosted the first of what will be two online party conferences this autumn. Scottish independence was, predictably, a common thread across proceedings.
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On the agenda – the tax policy debate ahead of the party conferences

September 18, 2021
The political party conference season is the time of year when politicians, party activists, policy thinkers, campaigners and other interested parties get together to discuss future policy directions and ideas, especially on the conference fringe, where debate tends to flow more freely and less controlled by party managers.
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MPs line up to criticise Health and Social Care Levy but it passes Commons

September 17, 2021
The Health and Social Care Levy Bill 2021-22 has passed successfully through the Commons.
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CIOT sets out priorities for tax in Scottish Parliament evidence

September 10, 2021
The Chartered Institute of Taxation set out its priorities for the Scottish tax system in an evidence session with the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Public Administration Committee this week.
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National Insurance and dividend tax to rise to pay for health and social care

September 10, 2021
The UK Government confirmed on Tuesday that rates of National Insurance and income tax on dividends will increase by 1.25 per cent from next April ahead of the introduction in April 2023 of a standalone 1.25 per cent Health and Social Care Levy.
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MPs back NICs reliefs for freeports and veterans

September 8, 2021
The National Insurance Contributions Bill has passed through the House of Commons unopposed, following a report stage and third reading debate which lasted just an hour, on the evening of Monday 6 September.
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Stamp duty refunds: too good to be true?

August 20, 2021
Experts warn in this guest blog that some claims being made by firms offering help with SDLT refunds are too good to be true, and urge property buyers to exercise independent judgement before making a claim.
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National Insurance Contributions (NICs) – an explainer

July 28, 2021
According to media reports the Government is considering raising National Insurance to increase spending on social care. This explainer sets out what National Insurance is, how it works and what the Government might do.
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