IFS manifesto analysis briefing

26 May 2017

The Institute for Fiscal Studies held a series of presentations to analyse the Conservative and Labour Party manifestos today, with reference to the Lib Dems' offering.

The opening speech by Carl Emmerson, Deputy Director at IFS, questioned how realistic Labour's gains will be from its suggested tax increases, the risks in making assumptions about corporation tax and a look at higher education.

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Robert Joyce, Associate Director, at IFS, talked about the implicatons of an extension of stamp duty on shares and assessed what the parties have said about anti tax avoidance measures, as well as a look at direct taxes and working age benefits.

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Rowena Crawford, Associate Director at IFS, looked at spending on public services. She looked at Labour's National Transformation Fund, the gap between public and private sector pay and schools.

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Finally, Emmerson used the final manifesto analysis spot to consider the outlook for public finances.

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