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Apply to Transfer ATT Student Registration to CIOT

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How to Transfer

Students currently registered with The Association of Taxation Technicians who have completed the Association's exams, INCLUDING the E-Assessments, and wish to register as students of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) may apply to transfer the unexpired period of their registration to the CIOT. No fee is payable for transfer of registration. You should be aware that the CIOT's registration period is three years as opposed to the ATT's five-year registration, therefore only a period up to three years from the date when you registered as an ATT student can be transferred to the CIOT. Students will have to re-register as a student of the CIOT upon expiry of any transferred registration.

Personal Details
Professional Conduct

Indirect Tax Route
E-Assessment Credit

If you have passed the Association of Taxation Technicians Paper 7: Practice Administration & Ethics you can apply for a credit in the CTA Professional Responsibilites & Ethics E-Assessment for a fee of £30 payable on submission of this form. Please note that any ATT students transferring to the CTA who have completed both E-Assessments in its current form will automatically have these carried over without charge.

Data Protection Act

It is necessary for the Institute to collect personal data about you on this form for the following reasons: to be able to contact you, to be able to identify you, to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, to check your eligibility to be a student of the Institute and to gather statistics for research. You should be aware that your examination results will be published on our website and in the national press. The Institute will send you the journal ‘Tax Adviser’ every month and may send you other literature from time to time. We may also disclose your name and address to other organisations such as tax publishers, conference organisers and training bodies but excluding recruitment consultants, which we think may be of interest to you.


To the Council:

I apply to register as a student of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. I have provided the information required of me and I confirm that I have received and read a copy of the Institute’s current prospectus. I understand that my registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE (unless the application is unsuccessful) and is payable in addition to the entry fee for the examination. I also understand that this application for registration and eligibility and any subsequent acceptance by The Chartered Institute of Taxation does not confer any of the benefits of membership of the Institute. I agree that upon registration, I will be subject to the Charter, Byelaws and Regulations of The Chartered Institute of Taxation. I am aware that submission of this form does not constitute entry to the CTA examination, which requires a separate application and fee.


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