Past Exam Papers, Examiners' Reports, Candidate Scripts and Suggested Answers

Lists of those candidates who have completed the exam requirements for membership, pass lists for individual papers and relevant statistical information for each exam session is available here in the form of PDF documents.

Please Note
  • Your Exam Dashboard in the Portal may be unavailable up to two weeks before the results are released.
  • You will receive your result by email (per exam paper sat) by midday on results day.
  • If you will have completed all your required exams you will receive a separate letter and email with instructions on how to apply for membership of the CIOT.
  • Transition arrangements: If you will be completing your final Computer Based Examination(s) after your last written CTA paper due to the transitional provisions in operation, you will be notified shortly after you pass the CBE of your successful completion of the qualification. You will also be included on the next pass list.