Exam Focus and Skills Days

Question-based training for CTA Students

Fine tune your examination skills for key topics by getting advice from expert tutors.

The Exam Focus and Skills days will benefit you in a number of areas for the examinations because: 

  • They are designed to help kickstart your revision with confidence.
  • They will cover both core and challenging areas of the syllabus for each paper.
  • You will be provided with exam standard and past exam questions.
  • The tutor will guide you through each question, showing you how to effectively identify issues and scenarios as well as assisting you to produce an exam standard answer.
  • The days are run by very experienced tutors from BPP, Kaplan Financial and Tolley Tax Training.
  • Choice of classroom-based sessions in London and webinars in Owner-Managed Businesses, Individuals, Taxation of Major Corporates and Application and Interaction.
  • Good exam and revision technique can be the difference in passing or failing a paper.


London Classroom: £30 (lunch included) | Webinar: £10

For the classroom sessions in London you will also have the opportunity to meet and speak to members of the Education Team regarding any questions you may have on your student registration and/or the examinations.


  • Bookings will close two days before the date of each event

  • All webinars are recorded and can be viewed again after the session
  • The ​advertised tutors for each session may be subject to change
  • The same material used in Spring 2018 will be used again for these sessions

For the Application and Interaction session the questions will be based around the topic of Owner-Managed Businesses, however, the main focus of the session will be on the exam technique and skills required to pass the paper rather than technical content. Below you can download a clip of the Application and Interaction webinar from Spring 2016 to give you an idea of what to expect and how it will work:

FileApplication and Interaction webinar clip

What previous attendees have said

"I'm so glad I stumble across this course on the CIOT website. I have ended up distance learning TOMC and the syllabus is huge when tackling this alone! This session really helped focus how I should be approaching questions. I feel I have a much better grasp on what the questions are asking, how to build a quality revision folder and how to approach the revision in general" | Spring 2018

"The session is like a acid test about 6 weeks before the exam. So it definitely gives some perspectives. Also as it is carried out before any revision session takes place, students do get the exposure of real exam standard questions." Spring 2018 

"I thought this day was really great. [the tutor] had clearly prepared and was excited to be there and share his knowledge and skill - this made the day really enjoyable and really effective. I feel that the skills I picked up in the session are the difference between a pass and a fail. [the tutor] shared so much knowledge in such a short amount of time and has given me a whole new way to study. Great value for money - really fab!" | Autumn 2017