Your CTA registration entitles you to apply for a TOTUM PRO card. The student discount card and app gives you access to exclusive student deals on food and fashion, tech and travel and everything in between.

What is a TOTUM PRO card?

The TOTUM PRO card gives you access to a variety of deals and discounts with UK and worldwide brands and independents. Some examples include ASOS, Apple and Amazon.

How much does a TOTUM PRO card cost?

Prices for the TOTUM PRO card start from £19.99.

How to apply for the card

You can apply for the TOTUM PRO card in three easy steps.

Step 1 - Register as a student

To be eligible for the TOTUM PRO card you need to be an active CTA student or member. You can look at your registration status on the CTA Portal here.

Step 2 - Email the Education Team for a TOTUM Voucher Code

Once you are registered with the CIOT, you will need a TOTUM Voucher Code. Email us at education [at] (subject: TOTUM%20Voucher%20Code)  to ask for this.

Step 3 - Apply for your card

Now that you have your voucher code, go directly to the TOTUM website. The link is below.