February 2017

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the CTA student newsletter for all news on key updates and ongoing essential information within the Institute. I hope 2017 is treating you well so far.

Some of you may have recently received your November 2016 exam results and if you were successful, many congratulations. If you did not get the result that you hoped for then please do take a look at the Examiners' reports on our website; there's a link in this Newsletter. Don't forget the deadline for entering for the May 2017 exams, should you be eligible, is the last day of February.

For those students who want/need extra training for the CTA exams, this March we will be holding student training days as a classroom session in London and online in the form of webinars, on Owner-Managed Businesses, Individuals, Advanced Corporation Tax and Application and Interaction. These will provide you with valuable tips and information on exam technique to aid you in passing the exams.

You will also find a technical article on Research & Development.

We appreciate feedback on our newsletters and welcome any suggestions at studenttraining [at] ciot.org.uk - we would really like to hear from you.

Rosalind Baxter
Director of Education

May 2017 Exam Entry Closing Date

Don't forget the deadline for entry to the May exams is the last day of February. You can enter via our website with your student number.

CTA and Joint Programme Students Enter Here

Tax Pathway Students Enter Here

CTA Student Training Days

For the May 2017 Examinations

These one-day ​training ​sessions ​are ​intended ​for ​students ​taking ​the ​CTA ​examinations ​​and ​concentrate ​on ​the ​more ​demanding ​aspects ​of ​the ​topics, ​and ​the ​exam ​technique ​needed ​for ​the ​relevant ​paper. ​Tutors ​will ​work ​through ​past ​exam ​questions ​giving ​guidance ​on ​how ​to ​score ​the ​marks ​required ​for ​a ​good ​pass in the Advisory and Application and Interaction papers, ​as ​well ​as ​covering ​some ​of ​the ​important ​technical ​points. ​Good ​exam ​technique ​can ​be ​the ​difference ​in ​passing ​or ​failing ​a ​paper.

Read More and Book Here

A few thoughts about R&D

Technical Article

Research and Development (R&D) expenditure relief is an established relief in the UK tax system and is available to all sizes of company. We tend to think of it as being for SMEs and non-SMEs although to some degree that is a little misleading, as the definition of a SME is different for R&D relief. The standard SME indicators – turnover, employees and assets are doubled for R&D purposes, so always be careful in an exam question if the examiner gives you the relevant figures.

Your tax tables do however contain the relevant definitions so don’t forget to double check. This is especially important with effect from 1 April 2016 as, from that date forward, large companies can no longer claim the enhanced deductions that have been the basis for all specific R&D tax relief before the introduction of the R&D expenditure credit (RDEC).

Read the Full Article Here

Winner of the "How Did You Hear About Us?" online survey

Congratulations to Mr Tendai Munjayi.

Winner of the CIOT’s "How Did You Hear About Us?" online survey to new students registered in 2016. He has won a free place onto a CTA student training day webinar in March.

CTA Awareness Paper Examination from May 2017 Onwards

The Institute has introduced a minimum mark for each of the three modules that comprise the Awareness paper with effect from the May 2017 examinations. This is intended to ensure that exam candidates study all three modules. The minimum mark has been set at 21 marks out of the 60 marks available per module i.e. 35%. Even if a candidate achieves an overall pass mark in excess of 50, if the minimum mark has not been achieved in all three modules then the entire paper would need to be re-sat.

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Human Capital Taxes Advisory paper

In response to the growing demand, and in consultation with major employers, the CIOT are offering a new CTA examination in Human Capital Taxes from May 2017. Papers will be available for both Advisory and Application and Interaction.

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Exam Resources: Past exam papers, examiners’ reports, candidate scripts and suggested answers

As an extra study tool you can view and download past exam papers, examiners’ reports, candidate scripts and suggested answers from previous exam sessions.

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Stay Connected

Keep up-to-date with important information and deadlines by following CIOTCTAStudent on Twitter and connect with us: CTA - Chartered Tax Adviser Student Group. You will receive notifications of when exam results are released, when exam entry closes, new information on our website and more.

2017 Fees

Exam entry per written paper: £150

Advisory Taxation of Major Corporates (TOMC) Paper Exam Entry: £170

Computer Based Examination: £80

Credit in a written paper: £150

Student Re-Registration: £155

Student Calendar 2017

Plan your studying for the CTA examinations by viewing all the key dates and deadlines with our student calendar.

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CIOT Admission Ceremony

CIOT students who complete their CTA qualification are invited to an Admission Ceremony when they become a member. The function is a great way to be inducted into the Institute and you can view the most recent ceremony photos from October 2016 to inspire you to qualify and join the Institute.

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