February 2016

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This Spring we will be holding Training Days in London, Manchester and Belfast, and for the first time we will be holding an online webinar for the Application and Interaction paper. These will provide you with valuable tips and information on exam technique to assist you in the CTA examinations.

You should also be aware of important changes to the E-Assessments. Finally, there is an excellent technical article that will help with the Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses Advisory paper.

We appreciate feedback on our new format and welcome any suggestions at studenttraining [at] ciot.org.uk - we would really like to hear from you.

Question-based training for CTA students

These training sessions are intended for students taking their CTA examinations and concentrates on the more demanding aspects of the topics, and the exam technique needed for the relevant paper. Tutors will work through past exam questions giving guidance on how to score the marks required for a good pass, as well as covering some of the important technical points. Good exam technique can be the difference in passing or failing a paper.

Saturday 5 March (10.00 - 17.00)
  • London - Advisory Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses
  • Manchester - Advisory Taxation of Individuals
  • Belfast - Advisory Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses
Saturday 12 March (10.00 - 17.00)
  • London - Advisory Taxation of Individuals
  • Manchester - Advisory Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses

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Online Webinar

We are delighted that, for the first time ever, we will also be offering an online session that will cover the skills and technique required for the Application and Interaction paper. This is a chance for everybody to listen and interact with a tutor, ask questions live and see what other students are asking as well.

Saturday 19 March 2016 (9:30 - 14:00) - £50

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Technical Article: It’s mine I can do what I like

This is a common misconception amongst the owners of a Small or Medium sized company, especially where the business used to be unincorporated and so the owners could take drawings without a tax charge. It is the profits that are taxable not the drawings.

This article will consider the different ways the owners can use to remove value from the business, and the tax implications of the various routes. 

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Exam Resources: Past exam papers, examiners’ reports, candidate scripts and suggested answers

As an extra study tool you can view and download past exam papers, examiners’ reports, candidate scripts and suggested answers from previous exam sessions.

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May 2016 Exam Entry Closing Date

Don't forget the deadline for entry to the May exams is the last day of February. Entries may still be submitted up to the last day of March but a late fee of £100 must be paid in addition to the normal entry fees per paper. 

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E-Assessment Changes from March 2016

From March 2016, the E-Assessments will be renamed Computer Based Examinations. They will still be of one-hour duration and made up of multiple choice and multiple response questions with each question being worth one mark.

However, each Computer Based Examination will consist of 50 questions rather than the current 60. Consequently, the requirement to pass will be 30 correct answers.

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Student Calendar 2016

Plan your studying for the CTA examinations by viewing all the key dates and deadlines with our student calendar.

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