Get involved with your local branch

You may wonder what you would get out of attending a local branch meeting when all your training and technical tax needs are probably being taken care of by your employer and through studying for such a difficult examination. Why should you give up your already limited free time to spend an evening listening to a lecturer talk about a topic that isn't even on the exam syllabus? What possible benefit can be found in the Institute's Branches Network?

To answer the above, the branches are thriving; with 34 now established, (seven of which are international) and attracting top tax lecturers. They are filled with members who have already gone through the arduous examination process and other students; who can pass on valuable tips and the benefit of their experience. They also, as their primary function, offer the most up-to-date and affordable training, which, although it may not seem to be relevant to the immediate CTA exams, will stand you in good stead for progressing through your tax career and accumulating valuable tax knowledge. You will also be able to demonstrate to employers that you have taken a pro-active stance towards your professional development.

All students are attached to their local branch and should periodically receive letters or e-mails regarding branch events. If you are not receiving these or would like to change the branch you are attached to then please contact the Institute’s Membership or Education Teams.

Many branches now offer a programme of social events also; which you may find fun; and if you can't see anything on the programme of your local branch to suit you, why not consider joining the Committee?

Further details and the full events programme of your local branches can be found here