Transfer ATT Student Registration to CIOT

If you are registered onto the ATT qualification, you may apply to transfer the unexpired period of your first three years’ registration to the CIOT, without charge.

For example, if you registered as an ATT student in July 2018, your CIOT student registration would be valid until July 2021.

If you have time remaining, log into your account and click on the Transfer link on your Dashboard.

If you do not have time remaining, log into your account and register as a new CIOT student by clicking on the Education link in the top menu of your Dashboard.

Please note that if the time remaining does not cover the dates of the forthcoming exam session you will have to register as a new student.

Computer Based Examinations

Any passes in the Computer Based Examinations will automatically be transferred on completion of your transfer/registration, without charge. They will be valid for nine sittings from when you passed them with the ATT.