Register as a Student

Before registering you can find out more information in the CTA Qualification section. You can also find more about the ACA CTA Joint Programme, CA CTA Joint Programme or the ATT CTA Tax Pathway.

Use your email address to register as a new student.

Once successfully registered, you will receive a student card and copies of the monthly journal ‘Tax Adviser’.


You need to be a registered student for at least four months before you are allowed to enter for a written examination:

  • Last day of January if you wish to enter for the May examination (this deadline has been extended by 1 month).
  • Last day of July if you wish to enter for the November examination.


There are different registration fees and validity periods depending on the qualification.

The registration fee is non-refundable* (unless the application is unsuccessful) and is payable in addition to entry fees for the examinations. (*Please note if your situation changes significantly within a month of the date you made your application for student registration and you no longer wish to proceed (provided you have not registered for any examinations) then a refund can be made, less a small administration charge.)

Computer Based Examinations

You will be able to book your first Computer Based Examination examinations 21 days after your student registration has been confirmed.