Registration is £220 and is valid for three years (register here).

Re-registration is £170 (re-register here).


It is £170 to claim an exemption for a written paper and £90 to claim an exemption for a CBE (further details on fees, exemptions available and how to claim can be found here).

Fees for Written Papers:

Awareness and Advanced Technical Examinations: £170

Applications and Professional Skills Examination: £215

Council may, at its absolute discretion, accept an application for late examination entry (for one month only after the closing date - see deadlines below) on payment of an additional fee, currently £100.

(enter for the exams, here). 

Computer Based Examinations (CBEs)

The Computer Based Examinations in Law, Professional Responsibilities & Ethics and Principes of Accounting are £90 per examination (further details, including booking the CBE, can be found here).

Study Material

You will need to purchase the latest editions of the  'Principles of Accounting' manual and the ‘Essential Law for the Tax Practitioner’ and the 'Professional Responsibilities and Ethics for Tax Practitioners' manuals both of which are available from the Institute at a cost of £45

You may purchase these manuals from our shop, here.

The Institute sets the syllabus but does not offer tuition. There is a list of tuition providers here. Please contact the tuition providers listed for prices and course dates. You will still need to register as a CTA student (through our website) in order to sit our examinations.