Rechecking Process

Recheck of Marks 

You may request a procedural review of your script only if your marks were 44 – 47 inclusive. However if your script(s) were sent for second moderation (we will inform you of this shortly after you have emailed the request), you will not be eligible for a recheck of marks, regardless of the marks attained.

How to Apply

  1. You must apply in writing by emailing us at education [at] (subject: CTA%20Recheck%20Application)  requesting a recheck within 21 working days from the date the results are released for that session.
  2. We will then inform you if you are eligible for a recheck.
  3. If you are, we will then request payment via BACS (£35 per paper).
  4. The recheck takes approximately 10 working days to complete and you will be notified of the results by email.

Please Note

  • This is not a remark of your script. It is a check of the processes in arriving at a result.
  • In the highly unlikely event there has been an error in the process then the script may be reviewed.
  • The fee for this service is £35 per paper, which is refundable in the highly unlikely event there is a material change to your result for that paper.
  • Under no circumstances will the Institute enter into discussion, correspondence or provide a commentary on your performance or outcome of the recheck in any of the paper(s) which have been rechecked.

Mark Breakdown

You may apply for a breakdown of the marks you received by question. The fee for this is £15 and there is no time restriction as to when you can apply for this.

Please download and complete the form, here, and email this to us at education [at] (subject: CTA Marks Breakdown Application) .

A mark breakdown takes approximately 10 working days to complete and you will be notified of the results by email. A recheck of marks is not a remark.

The scripts remain the property of the Institute and we cannot return them or provide copies.