Post Exam Result Services

Once the CTA exam results have been released, the CIOT offer two post exam result services (i) Recheck of Marks and (ii) Marks Breakdown. You can read more on these, and apply, below.

We cannot, under any circumstances:

  • Return your marked script to you or provide a copy
  • Remark your script
  • Enter into discussion, correspondence or provide a commentary on any of the paper(s) on your individual performance or the outcome of a rechecked paper.

Recheck of Marks

A recheck of marks is a procedural review of your exam script. The CIOT will make sure that all of the administrative procedures in place to reach your final mark were followed correctly. This is not a remark. You are eligible to apply for a recheck if your marks were 44-47 inclusive and your script was not sent for second moderation.

You can request a recheck of marks up to 21 working days following the date that the exam results are released.

This service is only available for the Advanced Technical and Awareness papers. A recheck of marks is not offered for the Application and Professional Skills paper due to the competency based marking approach of the paper.

Once submitted, you will receive your Recheck of Marks within 21 working days.

Marks Breakdown

When you receive your exam result, you will be told your final mark on that paper. If you would like to know what mark you achieved on each question of the exam paper, you can request a mark breakdown. The fee to receive a mark breakdown for a single paper is £15.

There is no deadline to apply for a marks breakdown.

Once submitted, you will receive your Mark Breakdown within 10 working days.