May 2020 Exams FAQs

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Accurate as of 15 April 2020

You can see the email sent to our students regarding the May 2020 Exam Session through the button below.

If you cannot see the answer to your question below, or would like further clarification, then please feel free to contact the Education Team at education [at] or call +44 (0)20 7340 0550.

May 2020 Exam Entries

Will there be exams in May and November 2020?

Following Government guidance, the CIOT has decided to cancel the May exams. It is our intention to offer the November session as planned, but we continue to act on Government advice and will advise accordingly. However, we are attempting to set up an Application and Professional Skills exam to be attempted remotely in late June/early July. More details to follow as soon as possible. 

What will happen to my entry for the May exam session?

All May exam entries (except Application and Professional Skills) will be automatically deferred to the November 2020 exam session. You do not need to contact us to arrange this.  

I was entered for more than one CTA exam in May 2020, including Application and Professional Skills (APS). Can I do APS before sitting the other papers?

Yes, you will be able to sit the APS paper in June/July if this goes ahead.

What if I do not want to take Application and Professional Skills via remote invigilation in June/July?

We are limiting the risk of attempting Application and Professional Skills in these circumstances as much as possible. However, if you do decide not to attempt the exam at this time then you can ask for your entry to be deferred to November 2020.

More information will be coming soon on remote invigilation. We strongly advise making a decision on whether to attend the June/July session after this information is available. 

Can I still enter for the Application and Professional Skills paper to be sat under remote invigilation if I hadn’t booked for the May 2020 session?

Only students who had entered to sit APS before 20 March 2020 are being deferred to late June/early July where we hope students will be able to sit the paper. We are unable to accept any new exam entries until we open exam entry for the November 2020 session.

Will you be announcing another date to replace the May exams?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to offer another exam session in 2020 ahead of the November 2020 exam session.  

Can I ask for a refund of the fees paid?

The fees paid will be carried forward to the November session. If there is a particular need for you to receive a refund, then please contact education [at]  

I am a student on the ACA CTA Joint Programme – how will this affect my studies?

We have a large number of students on the ACA CTA Joint Programme qualification who may be affected by the ICAEW rule that the CTA Advanced Technical paper be attempted before the ACA Case Study. ICAEW have temporarily relaxed their rule regarding their Case Study, meaning that if you are a Joint Programme student you can sit your Case Study in August 2020 before attempting your specialism paper in November 2020. This relaxation of the rules applies to ALL students regardless of whether you had entered for the May 2020 exam session. 

Will you be awarding membership based on professional experience instead?

No, membership of the CIOT will only be awarded once all the required exams have been passed and subject to satisfying the experience requirement.   

Can I sit my exams remotely?

The CIOT does not yet have the capability to offer all exams remotely.    

Extensions to passes and registrations

Will there be an extension to my student registration?

We will extend all registration periods (across all CTA qualification routes) by six months.   

This will be shown on your account in due course.

Will there be an extension to the validity for current passes and credits already achieved?

We will be extending the validity of all currently valid passes, including the Computer Based Examinations, by six months.  

This will be shown on your account in due course.

My Application and Interaction credit is due to expire at the end of 2020 – will this be extended by six months as well?

Yes, anyone with an Application and Interaction credit which is due to expire at the end of 2020 will have an additional six months added to the validity period. The credit will be extended to 31 July 2021.

My Application and Interaction credit is due to expire following the May 2020 exam session – what will happen now?

Your credit will be extended to 31 January 2021.

My Application and Interaction credit expired following the November 2019 exam session – will this be extended?

Unfortunately, we are unable to retrospectively extend a credit which has lapsed.

Computer Based Examinations (CBEs)

What will happen now under the transition phase for the CTA qualification where I had to pass the Accounting CBE by 31 March 2020 to complete the CTA qualification?

Students will now be given until 30 September 2020 to complete the exam. 

Am I still required to pass the three CBEs before I take my final written CTA paper/s?

The rules around the order in which the Computer Based Exams (CBEs) must be taken will be relaxed.   

Are the CBE exam centres still open?

The test centres in England have now reopened with social distancing measures in place, those attending appointments are asked to wear a face mask/covering if possible. Candidates who had appointments scheduled in March, April or May will be rescheduled automatically and will receive new appointment confirmation by email. 

Can I sit my CBEs remotely?

There is no set up available to sit the CBEs remotely.   

Can I still buy the manuals?

Yes you can still buy them from the CIOT shop here.  

At the current time, our distribution centre are still processing orders, but at a reduced rate. This means you will not receive the manual for at least ten working days. In the meantime, we will email you a PDF copy of the manual so that you can start to study. Please note you will not be able to print this PDF.

Tuition & Studying

Will I have to learn different legislation?

If the November 2020 exams go ahead, the same legislation will be used as for the May 2020 exams. 

Will I be refunded for costs I have paid to my tuition provider?

Please contact your tuition provider.   

Will additional revision resources be provided?

Please contact your tuition provider.