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May 2021 session is closed.

Exam Session Opening and Closing Dates

Session Exam Entry Opens Exam Entry Closes
May Mid-December Last day of February
November Mid-June Last day of August

Exams will be conducted remotely for 2021, and we will not be returning to exam halls. Please refer to our online exams page where we will share more information in due course as we continue to adapt.

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  • Awaiting results: You cannot enter for exams if you are awaiting results from the previous session. You will be able to do so on results release date for that session.
  • Current session and student: You can only enter for the forthcoming exam session and must be a registered student.
  • Late exam entry: Council may, at its absolute discretion, accept an application for late exam entry up to one month after exam entry closes on payment of an additional fee, currently £100.  
  • Computer Based Examinations: All three CBEs must usually be passed (or exemptions applied for as appropriate) before you can enter for your final tax examination (ie passed by the end of February for the May exams or the end of August for the November exams). However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic this rule is suspended for the May 2021 session. It will come back into effect for the November 2021 exam session. Please contact us at education [at] tax.org.uk (subject: Last%20CTA%20Exam%20-%20Not%20Passed%20All%20CBEs) if you are in this situation and would like to enter.
  • Awareness and Application and Professional Skills: The Awareness paper must either be passed (or an exemption be applied for from it) before sitting the Application and Professional Skills paper, or sat in the same session.
  • Exemptions: You must apply for any exemptions before the closing date of your final written paper(s).


The up-to-date examination fees can be found here.

Exam Dates and Deadlines

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