CTA Exam Panel Webcast and Process

Ever wondered how the CIOT exams are written and marked? Well, listen to the below webcast and wonder no more!

CTA Exam Panel webcast

This is a recording of a special Q&A event run by the CIOT London Branch on 1 July 2014, in which John Preston, Chairman of the CIOT Examination Committee, and Anne Fairpo, CIOT President, answered questions about how the CTA exams are set, marked and moderated, and gives guidance on how students could improve their marks.

The Q&A session is part of an ongoing programme of events run by the London Branch specifically for students and younger members. For more information, please check the London Branch student page or contact london [at] tax.org.uk.

CTA Exam Panel process

A flowchart of the exam process can be downloaded from the link below, which depicts the process discussed at the CTA Exam Panel.