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From May 2018 the Advisory paper Advanced Corporation Tax (ACT) will be called Taxation of Major Corporates (TOMC). For more information, click here.

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Exam Centres: Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newport, Reading, Southampton
Key dates and deadlines that you need to know and meet for the CTA exams.
Credits from one or more of the CTA exams are available if you have certain qualifications.
Information about the CBEs, including how to book.
If your personal circumstances are such that it takes you longer to read and write than is normally allowed for in an exam, you can find details and apply for extra time and/or alternative arrangements.
There is a policy regarding CTA exam withdrawal, deferral and refunds, including the fees which may apply.
You can find details of the process in place if you feel that your performance in your exams was affected by serious personal circumstances.
The list of permitted books that you are able to take into the examination room (this can also be found in the candidate instructions and the CTA prospectus).
The latest version of the candidate instructions. Please read them carefully before sitting your exams.
View the lists of those candidates who have completed the exam requirements for membership and passed individual papers with relevant statistical information for each exam session, all available in PDF format.
You may request a procedural review of your exam script. This is not a remark but a check of the processes in arriving at a result.
This is a recording of a special Q&A event run by the CIOT London Branch about how the CTA exams are set, marked and moderated, and gives guidance on how students could improve their marks.
FAQs on what to expect on the day of the exams.