Application and Professional Skills

Application and Professional Skills: Examinable from May 2019

Sample papers

The Application and Interaction Paper has been restructured and renamed and will be called Application and Professional Skills (APS) from the May 2019 exam sitting. Pre-seen information will be sent to all candidates prior to the exam. No exemptions will be permitted and specific rules will be in operation for ACA CTA Joint Programme candidates.

Candidates will be required to demonstrate competence in each of three skills:

  1. The structure of the whole answer
  2. Identification and Application
  3. Relevant Advice and Substantiated Conclusions

The pre-seen information will give background details relevant to the client in the question but it will not guide candidates as to the actual examination question requirements. It is intended that the pre-seen information will better equip candidates to deal with the case study in the examination environment and makes the question more aligned to a client situation in which they may be involved. It will be provided two weeks in advance of the examination. Candidates will only receive the pre-seen information for the question they have registered for upon exam entry.

Candidates may discuss the pre-seen information with whomever they choose. Candidates will not be permitted to bring their own copy of the pre-seen information into the examination hall. It will be provided again with the question.

Owner-Managed Businesses


Inheritance Tax, Trusts & Estates


Taxation of Larger Companies and Groups


Human Capital Taxes


Taxation of Individuals


VAT and Other Indirect Taxes


The following document provides information regarding the marking of the Application and Professional Skills paper and it is applicable to all of the sample papers.