Advanced Technical

The objective of the Advanced Technical papers will be to test the depth of your technical knowledge on the areas of taxation which you choose, in accordance with the defined syllabus for each paper.


The Advanced Technical papers are separate three and a quarter hour papers (including 15 minutes pre-examination reading time). Each Advanced Technical paper is a 'stand-alone' paper and you will be expected to answer all of the questions which comprise the paper. The questions in each of the seven Advanced Technical papers will be either for 10, 15 or 20 marks. You can see past papers through the button below.


Syllabus Descriptions

You can download or view the syllabus descriptions for each of the Advanced Technical papers below.

Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses

Domestic Indirect Taxation

IHT, Trusts & Estates

Human Capital Taxes

Taxation of Individuals

Cross-Border Indirect Taxation

Taxation of Major Corporates