Student Support - Together We Achieve

The CIOT education team is here to help and support you as much as possible. In response to the current situation we have decided to offer you more guidance and support from:

  • Our CIOT & ATT Business Development & Marketing Team
  • Our tuition providers

Your CIOT & ATT Support Team

Rebecca Fuller is the Business Development & Marketing Manager for ATT and is passionate about health and wellbeing. Her Managing your Mental Wellbeing webinar offers a host of practical advice and support.

Joanne Herman is the Business Development & Marketing Manager for CIOT and will explain the power of personal branding and how it can benefit you with practical step by step guides and tips in a mini blog series.

Tuition Provider Support

If you are a BPP, Kaplan or Tolley student you can access all their latest learning information in the following pages. Our weekly "More Time" Tuesday emails will continue on a bi-monthly basis, but we felt that putting all the latest information in one place, would be useful for you to reference. It also helps us to regularly update you without sending you too many emails.




Please do continue to look out for your top More Time Tips every Tuesday via our social channels :



and if you want to see something we've not covered, then please email us at education [at]