Alan Broach

Partner, Tax & Legal Services - PwC, Russia

"I started my career many years ago in the UK Inland Revenue, but when I left to join an accounting firm I was already aware of the need to acquire a professional qualification, so I sat and passed the Chartered Institute of Taxation (it was just the Institute of Taxation then) exams. Probably the hardest thing I have ever done! Having progressed further it then became apparent that if I had aspirations to be a partner, it would be advantageous to also become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, so I sat and passed those exams as well.

The pinnacle of my professional career in the UK was to be a partner in what is now Deloitte. Naturally, having these two professional qualifications was a big help in achieving this status. After I left Deloitte I worked in television for many years and travelled the world so doing. I was proud to have CTA and ACA on my business card, and when dealing with multi-national corporations and state bodies in Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, the USA and many other places found that I was readily accepted as a "professional person". When I decided to end my career with PwC in Moscow (and previously Deloitte here) the qualifications were a big help in (a) being accepted and (b) resolving visa issues.

I have always been proud of my CTA and ACA qualifications and they have been a big help throughout my career, wherever I have worked."