Benefits and salary

  • Variety — tax is a mixture of law, administration and accountancy and it draws on a huge range of intellectual, presentational and personal skills.
  • Competitive salary — the job market in tax has its ups and downs, as all job markets do. But a qualification and experience in taxation forms an excellent basis for a secure and well-remunerated career.
  • Early responsibility and management opportunity — if you are ambitious, tax can lead you to the top, not only in professional practice but also in business and commerce.
  • Challenging and stimulating work — tax is a complex and ever-changing world where your actions can translate into financial consequences. You have to make professional judgments and be prepared to back them up.


  • Work in practice, commerce or industry — many offer training contract opportunities or the opportunity to start off as a tax trainee.
  • Work for the Government — HM Revenue and Customs have their own training and career structure.


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Type of job

Personal Tax

Corporate Tax

A level Entry (0-1 year)



Graduate Trainee (0-2 years)



Newly qualified CTA (1-3years)



Newly Qualified CTA (2-4 years)



Manager (6-8 years)



Senior Manager (8-10 years)



Principal/Director (10 years plus)