Exam Structure

When registering as an ACA CTA Joint Programme student, you will be asked to pick a specialism. Your specialism will decide which exams you are required to sit and what your specialism paper, an Advanced Technical paper, would be.

What is the exam structure?

ACA CTA Joint Programme students are required to complete 14 of the 15 ACA modules (excluding Business Planning: Taxation) the relevant CTA specialism paper, the Professional Responsibilities & Ethics: Computer Based Examination and either an Advanced Technical paper, an Application and Professional Skills paper or an ADIT examination. 

Do not book the CTA exams on the date and time as any ICAEW exam entries as you will not be able to sit both papers at the same time.

What are the specialisms?

There are three specialisms available to ACA CTA Joint Programme students:

Can I claim exemptions?

Students can claim exemptions from the ACA modules if they met the criteria set out by ICAEW. Exemptions from CTA papers are not available to ACA CTA Joint Programme students.