Salary and Benefits

22 Apr 2021

One of the main benefits of a career in taxation is that salaries are relatively stable, even during times of economic turbulence. This sector can be highly lucrative, especially once you have several years of experience. 

‘It is a career that is as close to ‘recession proof’ as you can get, and a necessity. How many careers can you say that about?’. 

Ian Palmer, Head of UK Executive Search Practice UK at Accreate UK. 

What kind of salary should I expect?  

Financially, a career in tax can be well paid. As with any job, salaries vary depending on specialist area and location. As a rough guide a trainee in London specialising in company tax could expect a salary of around £26,000.  Many employers offer an attractive benefits package as well.

Salaries in all areas can rise quickly as you pass your exams and earn promotion.  

Tax Advisor average salary change by experience in United Kingdom

Percentage increase and decrease are relative to the previous value ( source - Salary 

Benefits of working in tax: 


Tax is interdisciplinary, encompassing law, administration and accountancy. Once you have the right skillset, qualifications and experience, you can specialise in a huge range of fields, from tax governance to corporate reorganisations. 

Intellectually stimulating 

There is a substantial amount of intellectual, presentational and personal skills required for a career in taxation. Because it affects us all and is constantly evolving, it is always an important topic for debate - both in government and in organisations of all sectors and sizes. 

Financially rewarding 

Because of their expertise and skills, tax practitioners are in high demand all over the world.  Many organisations are willing to offer generous compensation packages to attract the best talent. 

Great scope for managerial responsibilities early on 

A career in taxation gives you the opportunity to gain managerial responsibilities earlier than many other careers. This is because many tax professions often requires specialist knowledge of tax laws and regulations.  

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