Manager - PwC, UK

Test edit qualification to have gained because of the broad knowledge it gave me across accountancy. Having used my ACA qualification to good advantage, I then made the decision to specialise in Private Client and Private Business tax. CTA provided the depth of tax knowledge in these areas in addition to what I had learned through my ACA studies. The CTA qualification gave me the ability to specialise in these areas which was really valuable and I was amazed at the depth the course went into. Now that I have studied the Taxation of Individuals and Owner Managed Businesses through the CTA I am able to speak with confidence to clients and colleagues about complex technical areas.

The advisory aspect of the CTA studies is fantastic training for giving advice to clients in real life situations, and I have used my knowledge from CTA every week since the exams. The breadth provided by the awareness papers has also given me a solid grounding of other taxes including VAT which enables me to recognise issues in projects on a holistic basis."