Professional Standards Committee: Who we are and what we do

Professional Standards Committee

  • Richard Todd – Chair 
  • Ruth Cook - Vice-Chair

Committee members are:

  • David Bird
  • Alistair Cliff
  • Andrew Donaldson
  • Tracy Easman
  • Andrew Evans
  • Sophie Falcon
  • Ray McCann
  • Kay Mind
  • Mary Monfries
  • Lakshmi Narain
  • Amanda Pearson
  • John Roberts
  • Catherine Rossell
  • David Stedman
  • Anthony Thomas
  • Ros Upton
  • Juan Carlos Venegas 
  • John Whiting

Professional Staff

  • Charlotte Ali – Head of Professional Standards ATT
  • Heather Brehcist – Secretary to the Committee/ Head of Professional Standards CIOT
  • Jane Mellor – Professional Standards Officer

Professional Standards Sub-groups

  • Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation
  • Anti-Money Laundering 
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Engagement letters
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance 
  • Professional Rules and Practice Guidelines

Other Committees/Groups which are represented by Professional Standards

Anti-Money Laundering Supervisors' Forum (AMLSF) & Accountancy Affinity Group – The AMLSF is attended by all anti-money laundering supervisors as well as HM Treasury and the National Crime Agency. It's aim is to discuss and agree consistency and best practice for anti-money laundering supervision.The Accountancy Affinity Group is a sub-group consisting of accountancy based supervisors.

Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE) – The CFE was founded in 1959 and has 32 national organisations members from 24 European States. The CIOT is one of the United Kingdom representatives on the CFE (the Professional Standards representative sits on the Professional Affairs Committee). CFE's functions include safeguarding the professional interests of tax advisers,ensuring the quality of tax services provided by tax advisers and exchanging information about national tax laws in Europe.