UK and Ireland: doing business post-Brexit

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 -
11:00am to 12:30pm
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UK and Ireland: doing business post-Brexit
The practical impact of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement for businesses and their tax advisers
Event organized jointly by CIOT/ATT and the Irish Tax Institute

How was it for you? And how will it be in a few months, or even a few years, time?

The UK left the EU in January 2020, and left the single market and customs union on 31 December – except that, of course, Northern Ireland remains in the customs union and remains aligned to the EU single market for goods. These special arrangements were intended to make north-south trade in Ireland as frictionless as possible  but, to protect the single market,  new customs checks have been introduced between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These are now causing considerable difficulties for trade between those parts of the UK.

Could the problems have been avoided?  Are they temporary bugs or permanent features of British-Irish trade post Brexit?  What will happen when the grace periods for GB – NI trade end between April and June?  Will the position worsen? What practical steps can affected businesses and their advisers on both sides of the Irish Sea tke to mitigate current problems and avoid future ones?

Our panel of tax, trade and business experts, from Dublin, Belfast and GB, will explore these questions and offer their perspectives on post-Brexit trade and customs arrangements.

Sally Jones, EY Trade Strategy and Brexit lead (London)
John O’Loughlin, Partner, PwC (Dublin)
Daniel Taylor, Head of EU Exit VAT Negotiations and NI Policy, HMRC
Rose Tierney, Principal, Tierney Tax Consultancy (Dublin)

CIOT President Peter Rayney will chair the debate. Richard Todd (Deputy President, ATT) will give brief opening remarks and Sandra Clarke (President, ITI) will make closing remarks.

The format for this event will be short speeches / presentations from panellists followed by a discussion, with the opportunity for the audience members to make comments and put questions using If you have a colleague or friend who might also enjoy the discussion do please tell them about it event. 

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